• Delayna Watkins

Five Habits You Should Be Developing In 2021

Updated: Jan 18

When it comes to setting goals in the new year, weight loss is at the top of the list. We have all been found guilty of indulging a little more than usual during the holiday season. Once the new year begins, it is time for us to begin to reevaluate our choices. Most of us attempt to cut back on our spending habits, save more money, and embrace the change in the atmosphere. However, when it comes to our weightloss journey things can get a little sticky. We correlate food with our emotions. Whether it’s a special occasion or a hearty meal to fill our stomachs, food is at the center of our choices. Food isn’t the culprit to our weightloss journey. It’s the relationship with food that

stifles our growth and perceptions of the ideal person we want to become in the new year.

Before you hop on another weight loss trend, invest in a gym membership, or eliminate all your guilty pleasures from your diet. Let’s implement some healthy habits that will allow you to develop a more rewarding and well balanced relationship with food and your body image. This year is not about setting unattainable resolutions. It’s about discovering a new way of thinking and executing your vision for your life. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish once you are able to commit to a more healthier lifestyle.

Everything Begins With Your Mindset

What are you feeding your mind on a daily basis? Your mindset has the ability to influence your thoughts, habits, and actions. Oftentimes we ingest negative influences into our subconscious that we adopt into our routine. Our environments also contribute to poor health choices. The nearest health food store may be outside of your neighborhood. Thus, you may settle for fast food. Consider the option of making a healthy meal at home. The decision is up to you, A mind is like a sponge. It will absorb everything within its pathway. Pinpoint your triggers in a daily journal weekly. This will reveal to you your state of mind at the time you chose to eat poorly. You have the power to change your mind at any point. You must be willing and receptive to receiving information that will help get you on the right track.

Small Steps Lead To Big Rewards

Many people start their weight loss journey with great ambitions in mind. Most of us want rapid weight loss within months. According to, registered dietitian and Trifecta Nutrition Director Emmie Satrazemis, CSSD, “Losing weight too quickly, especially through starvation techniques, can result in a number of side effects, some more downright dangerous than others,” We live in a fast paced, instant gratification, and easily accessible fix it world where your problems may be resolved in minutes, not months. Our bodies are not equipped to go through drastic changes overnight. Same as we gain weight over a period of time, we must consider a steady well balanced weight. Walking daily for thirty minutes or eating a well balanced breakfast will help develop healthier habits. It’s important to acknowledge and reward yourself for your small wins along the journey to keep you motivated.

Nutrients To Boost Your Health

Growing up our parents would always suggest we eat our veggies and take a vitamin before bed. Nowadays, we supplement our meals in instant drinks or veggie smoothies. Our parents were right. A standard serving of vegetables per day is 75g, which is equivalent to 1 medium tomato or one cup of green leafy salad. How do you ensure you get your daily serving of vegetables? Meal prep. Meal prepping for the week ahead is instrumental to a well balanced diet and lifestyle. Meal prep will only require a few hours of your time each week. If you’re an on the go person, you can grab a prepped meal from the fridge to fuel your body. You’re less likely to over indulge in snacks or fast food when your tummy is full. So having the proper nutrition available is essential to your success and often requires a pantry makeover.

Get Active During The Day

Exercise is possibly one of the least favorite activities of most people. Between the gym environment being intimidating and the unfriendly outdoors. It is quite challenging to find the perfect way to get your body moving. Although you can’t control the elements, other people, or facilities. You can get up and move your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise can help increase your mood, reduce stress, and promote a better night's rest. Getting your body accustomed to moving on a regular basis is not easy or comfortable. Change is rarely comfortable. It’s necessary for a longer and rewarding healthy life.

Adopting A Positive Outlook On Life

The previous year was filled with more trauma and turmoil than anyone could have possibly imagined. Our normal coping methods have been restricted to the basic essentials of our homes. Within the last year, more people have given up on a positive 2021. It’s easier to lose hope than keep a positive attitude year round. As mentioned previously, our mindsets are key indicators of whether we are doing well or struggling with our life choices. The conversations that we have with ourselves and others may be different. Just as your physical health is important , don’t neglect your mental health. A few ways to see the good throughout your day are through podcasts, books, and meditational apps. You have resources at your fingertips that will help promote your mental wellness daily.

You’re Not Perfect And That’s Ok

Lastly, it took me a while to completely understand that life is a journey. Along the journey of self healing and discovery you’re going to make some mistakes. Those mistakes are not permanent. Every obstacle is not a test of your endurance, it’s a test of faith. Your setbacks and delays are meant to pressure you into diving deeper into yourself. You’ll need to learn how to unravel all of the layers of the misconceptions of who the world told you, you should be. Empower and encourage yourself to become the person you have always imagined. You’ll never be perfect. You are a continuous work in progress. Cut yourself some slack and keep going until you reach your destination. This journey belongs to you. For help starting your wellness or weight loss journey, visit the Women's Wellness Lounge.