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Delayna Watkins


Delayna Watkins serves as the CEO of Total Woman Wellness, Inc., a comprehensive health enterprise dedicated to women's midlife wellness and healthy aging. As a board-certified registered nurse with extensive clinical and leadership expertise, she has gained recognition in the health and wellness industry, earning numerous community and national awards, including the prestigious Governor's Citation award for her unwavering commitment to healthcare.

Furthermore, Delayna is a three-time Amazon Best-selling author and the national TV Show Host of the Women's Wellness Lounge Show. She's also the visionary author behind the International Collaborative Book Project titled "She Is Well," which evolved into a global sisterhood movement, particularly impacting the lives of women in Ghana during the pandemic.

Her influence extends beyond written work and television appearances, as she has been featured in People Magazine, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Dr. Oz Show, Fox 45, and numerous other local and national platforms. Delayna has offered her expertise to esteemed organizations like the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA), National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and notable entities such as the International Revenue Services (IRS), Coppin State University, and the University of Maryland.

In her most recent endeavor, the "Menopause Experience" program, Delayna is determined to empower women to embrace their femininity during this natural life stage. She aims to transform the perception that menopause is a confusing and dreaded time in a woman's life. Within this program, she has crafted a roadmap for women to feel confident and alluring through the challenges of hot flashes, brain fog, insomnia, and low libido. Delayna firmly believes that women can better navigate menopause when they understand the nuances of this transitional phase, which she affectionately terms "the feminine evolution."

Her presentation style is not only engaging but also highly educational, embracing a holistic approach that deeply resonates with audiences, providing a truly transformative experience. 

Delayna Watkins is honored to be a steadfast advocate for women, guiding them to experience wellness in every facet of life, at every stage of their journey.

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