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Fan the Flames of a hot flash with our beautifully curated gift box.

**What's Inside the "Fan the Flames" Gift Box:**

**Cooling Wipes:** cooling wipes provides instant relief. Simply put it on your neck, wrists or forehead to feel refreshed.

**Cooling Mist:** A few spritzes can soothe the senses and help you stay cool and calm.

**Portable Bling Fan:** This pocket-sized fan is your personal cooling companion. Carry it in your purse or keep it on your nightstand for quick access to cool air.

**Herbal Tea:** Enjoy a cup of our specially blended herbal tea designed to alleviate hot flashes and promote relaxation.

**MenoCalm:** A soothing and cooling bath  and shower fizz that calms the senses. 

BONUS- Informative Guide filled with tips and advice


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As seen in

"'s like there's a furnace inside."

-Delayna Watkins, People Magazine

Bling Fan Pics for website.jpg

" was like somebody put a furnace in my core and everything started melting"

-Michelle Obama, People Magazine

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